Monday, August 31, 2009

Tomato Disease Identifications

Following are some of the prominent Disease of tomatoes and their Identification Symptoms

Yellow Shoulder - Tomatoes

Tomato Spotted Wilt - Tomatoes

Tomato Spotted Wilt - Tomatoes

Sun Scald (non-infectious) - Tomatoes

Southern Blight - Tomatoes

Septoria Leaf Spot - Tomatoes

Root Knot Nematode - Tomatoes

Physiological Cracking (non-infectious) -

Early Blight - Tomatoes

Cat Face (non-infectious) -

Buckeye Rot - Tomatoes

Blossom End Rot (non-infectious) - Tomatoes

Bacterial Spot - Tomatoes 1

Bacterial Spot - Tomatoes

Bacterial Speck - Tomatoes
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